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The Four Key Actions of Raja Yoga Meditation: How to Make Them a Part of Your Daily Life

Some people who practice Raja Yoga meditation may feel fed up with the practice. However, it's important to understand that Raja Yoga meditation offers a simple method of connecting with Paramathma, the supreme soul, by sitting in one place and realizing that we are a soul. In order to fully engage with this practice, Raja Yoga meditation recommends four key actions: Amirthavela, reading Vani, following Shrimath, and doing seva.

One way to make these actions a regular part of our lives is by tying them to other daily activities. For example, you can wake up early in the morning to meditate and then use the rest of that time to something useful as per your choice. I do record YouTube videos. By doing this, you are able to complete two important tasks in the early hours of the day.

Another way to make reading Vani a daily habit is to create another activity which will make you read Vani daily. I have created a WhatsApp group where I share audio content of the day's Vani. I also conduct Zoom sessions for those who are interested.

Following Shrimath means practicing what we preach, and sharing the knowledge we've gained with others. This becomes our seva, or service to others.

Finally, by consistently remembering Paramathma and connecting with the supreme soul, we can overcome negative thoughts and distractions that stem from Maya, or the material world. The more we remember Paramathma, the further we can distance ourselves from Maya.

Overall, Raja Yoga meditation offers a simple and effective method for connecting with Paramathma. By tying daily activities to the four key actions of Amirthavela, reading Vani, following Shrimath, and doing seva, we can make Raja Yoga meditation a regular part of our lives and further our spiritual journey.


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