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Karmic Wisdom: Understanding Raja Yoga Meditation's Approach to Legal Matters during Sangamayuga

Raja Yoga meditation, a spiritual practice rooted in ancient wisdom, advises practitioners to refrain from involving themselves in police stations and courts during Sangamayuga (1936-2036). This unique perspective is grounded in the belief that this period is a crucial time for individuals to settle their karmic accounts. According to Raja Yoga philosophy, engaging with legal proceedings during this time can potentially prolong the cycle of karmic debts. When one embarks on legal battles, it might create new karmic entanglements, necessitating additional time and energy to purify and resolve these spiritual debts.

By adhering to this principle, Raja Yogis aim to conserve their energy and focus on resolving existing karmic accounts, thereby paving the way for spiritual growth and self-realization. This approach encourages individuals to find peaceful resolutions outside conventional legal systems, emphasizing the importance of personal responsibility, introspection, and inner transformation.


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