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Navigating the Dilemma: Celibacy, Marriage, and Self-Reflection

A gentleman who is 36 years old has been practicing Raja Yoga meditation for some time. He has recently made the decision to embrace celibacy based on his understanding of this spiritual practice. However, six months ago, he lost sight in one of his eyes due to an accident. In light of this, a Sadhu (a holy person or sage) has advised him to get married, which has left him feeling confused.

According to his understanding of Raja Yoga meditation, celibacy is recommended as a means to settle karmic accounts before the impending judgment day. The gentleman is now faced with a dilemma. If he follows the Sadhu's advice and gets married, he worries that he may find married life mundane or unfulfilling, leading him to regret not choosing celibacy. On the other hand, if he remains celibate and experiences a permanent loss of sight in the future due to ill health, he may regret not having married.

In such a situation, it is crucial for the gentleman to make a decision based on his own introspection rather than relying solely on external opinions. It would be beneficial for him to carefully consider the pros and cons of both celibacy and marriage. He should reflect on his personal values, aspirations, and priorities in life.

By thoroughly evaluating the potential outcomes and listening to his own inner guidance, the gentleman can make a decision that aligns with his true desires and beliefs. By following his own will, he will be better prepared to face whatever consequences may arise from his choice.

Ultimately, the decision between celibacy and marriage is deeply personal and should be made with careful consideration and self-reflection. It is essential for the gentleman to trust his own judgment and follow the path that resonates most strongly with his beliefs and spiritual journey. By doing so, he can find a sense of peace and contentment, regardless of the challenges and uncertainties that lie ahead.


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