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Why Raja Yoga Meditation Has Fewer Followers Compared to Other Religions

Raja Yoga meditation is a practice followed by a minority of the world population, with less than 5% of individuals engaging in this type of meditation. The practice is conducted by Paramathma, also known as Allah, God, Jehovah, or Shiva. Despite the millions of followers that many religions have across the globe, Raja Yoga meditation has a relatively small number of adherents. To understand this discrepancy, it is important to explore the concept of Kalpa.

Kalpa is a cycle of 5000 years, divided into four yugas or ages: Sathya yug, Thretha yug, Dwapara yug, and Kali yug. People who lived during the sathya yug and Thretha yug had an understanding that they were souls, while those who lived during the Dwabara yug and Kali yug believe they are just bodies. Raja Yoga is a form of knowledge that is centered on the understanding of souls. Therefore, it is a teaching meant for those who will live in the sathya yug and Thretha yug.

This could be one of the reasons why there are fewer followers of Raja Yoga meditation compared to other religions that have millions of followers. However, it is important to note that this knowledge is for the betterment of all mankind, and everyone will eventually come to understand that we are all souls and brothers/sisters. Before the judgment day, all will come to realize that we are one and connected to each other.

The analogy of pouring water to the roots of a plant or tree is a perfect metaphor for understanding the role of Raja Yogi's in the kalpa vriksha or the tree of the cycle. Just as we water the roots of a plant, Raja Yogis are the roots of the kalpa vriksha, who receive this knowledge and then disseminate it to the rest of the world. By practicing Raja Yoga meditation, they help the tree of life grow and flourish.

In conclusion, Raja Yoga meditation is a valuable practice that focuses on the understanding of souls, which is a teaching that is essential for individuals living in the sathya yug and Thretha yug. While there may be fewer followers of this practice compared to other religions, the knowledge is still essential for the betterment of all humanity. By practicing Raja Yoga meditation, individuals can become Raja Yogis, who can help spread this knowledge and make the world a more peaceful and connected place.


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