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Why do Some Raja Yogis Exhibit Anger Despite Their Spiritual Practice?


Some Raja Yogis exhibit anger in such a way that we feel that people outside who do not follow Raja Yoga meditation are better than us. Why is that so?


In Raja Yoga meditation, people can attain different levels of spiritual progress based on the number of years they have been practicing. A person with high kalas (spiritual levels) can control their emotions better than a person with lower kalas. However, it's not necessary that all Raja Yogis will exhibit perfect behavior all the time.

As per the philosophy of Raja Yoga, people in Kali Yuga have high levels of lust, anger, greed, family bonding, and ego. They may not even realize that their behavior is not ideal. However, Raja Yogis are constantly working on purifying themselves and becoming more spiritual. This process of self-improvement can take time, and until they achieve higher levels of purity, they may still exhibit negative emotions like anger.

Additionally, according to Raja Yoga philosophy, the current era is Sangama Yug, where people try to settle their karmic accounts faster. This could result in some Raja Yogis facing more challenges and obstacles in their spiritual journey than others.

It's important to remember that no one is perfect, and spiritual progress is a gradual process. Just because someone practices Raja Yoga meditation does not mean they are immune to negative emotions or that they will always exhibit perfect behavior. As they continue to work on themselves, they will gradually become more pure and spiritual.


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