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Understanding the Soul's Journey: Exploring Yugas, Suffering, and Acts in Raja Yoga Meditation

In raja yoga meditation, Paramathma says who ever enters mother's womb in Sathya yug they will feel like being in Paradise, where as when the Athma enters in to the mother's womb in Dwabara yug and Kali yug they will feel like being in Prison. Paramathma also says who ever takes births what ever Yuga it may be they will have to act 3 parts namely Satho, Rajo and Thamo. Sadho means good , Rajo means medium and Thamo means bad.

So a basic question arises that when soul enters in to his mother's womb in Kali yug for the first time, it should act Satho, but will it suffer like being in Prison, because it is taking birth in Kali yug.

The concept of suffering in womb is for people who take rebirth and not for first birth.


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