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Understanding the Role of God and Maya in Raja Yoga Meditation

Some people believe that God is responsible for everything that happens in our lives good or bad. Is it true?

In Raja Yoga meditation, it is believed that God gives us Divine characters, Divine qualities, and Ashta Shakti. The Divine Characters include Knowledge, Purity, Peace, Love, Happiness, Bliss, and Power. These are all positive attributes in which God is a ocean of all, We people strive to master in order to become like God. The Divine Qualities is the Charge of the Athma or the Soul more the better.

Ashta Shakti is a concept in Raja Yoga meditation that refers to eight powers that are believed to be inherent in every human being. These powers are seen as tools that people can use to navigate life's challenges and remain aligned with God's will. The eight powers are as follows: Power to Pack up, Power to Tolerate, Power to Adjust, Power to Discriminate, Power to Judge, Power to Face, Power to Cooperate and Power to Withdraw.

It is Maya which makes us believe that we are a body, it is the one who also teaches us Lust, Anger, Ego, Family bonding and Pride. Maya is very cunning in putting the blame on somebody in this case on God. Maya is bad or unwanted thoughts that our mind creates. Maya is otherwise called as Ravana in Raja Yoga Meditation. It is often described as a veil or a delusion that obscures our true nature and causes us to identify with our physical bodies and material possessions.

Maya is responsible for many of the negative aspects of human experience.Maya makes us believe that we are separate from others, that our desires and ambitions are more important than anything else, and that we must compete and struggle to achieve success and happiness.

By cultivating positive virtues such as humility, compassion, and selflessness and practicing Manmana Bhava (Remembering Paramathma with an awareness that we are soul) will help us burn our sins across our previous births, we can begin to see through the illusion of Maya and discover the deeper truths of our existence.

So one should understand that for all good things in our life, God is the reason for all evil things in our life, it is Maya.


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