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True Independence: Conquering the Inner Maya for Ultimate Freedom

On this Independence Day, let us reflect on the journey of our nation and recognize that true freedom goes beyond physical borders. While history recounts the struggles against external oppressors, we must also acknowledge the battle within ourselves – the battle against Maya or the negative thoughts that can hold us captive.

From the times of Alexander to the colonial rule of the Britishers, India endured numerous invasions and dominations. However, the real enemy that every individual, irrespective of nationality, must confront is the Maya – the unwanted and detrimental thoughts that originate within our minds. True liberation lies not only in driving away external invaders, but in conquering our internal conflicts.

Our Athma's (souls) can truly experience freedom when they gain control over their faculties – the mind, intellect, and sanskar (impressions). Alongside, the mastery of the five sense organs within our body forms a vital part of this journey towards liberation. An Athma that achieves this harmonious control becomes a "Suya Rajya Adhikari," a sovereign ruler of its own realm.

Let this Independence Day be a reminder that the path to real freedom requires a vigilant and conscious effort to overcome the inner Maya. As we celebrate our nation's historic struggles, let us also renew our commitment to conquering our personal battles, transcending limitations, and achieving an unparalleled sense of self-mastery.


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