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The Spiritual Significance of Shiva Jayanti and Krishna Jayanti in Raja Yoga Meditation

In Raja Yoga meditation Paramathma says Krishna Jayanthi will come after shiva Jayanthi what does He mean by it?

In Raja Yoga meditation teachings. Paramatma says, the celebration of Shiva Jayanti marks the anniversary of his coming each year in Sangama Yug, We celebrate the same every in the name of Shiva Rathiri usually in February or March Every year.

The practice of Shiva Jayanathi will come to an end for this Kalpa on the judgment day when all souls return to their home in Shanti dham ( Paramathma will take us home). After this, the preparation for Sathya yug will begin in Delhi, India, and Shri Krishna will be born near the Yamuna riverbed. His birth anniversary will be celebrated every year then. When he marries Radha , their name will changed as Lakshmi Narayana.

It's also important to remember that these celebrations are not merely about honoring the birth of these deities but also about reflecting on their teachings and qualities and striving to emulate them in our lives

This is what Paramatma means by Krishna Jayanthi will come after Shiva Jayanti.


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