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The Rudra Gyana Yagjam: Instilling Sathya Yuga and Divine Transformation on Earth

Paramathma, also known as the supreme soul or divine entity, has initiated the Rudra Gyana Yagjam in Sangamayuga with the purpose of installing Heaven on Earth. There is often a common question regarding whether this yagjam is intended to bring about the Sathya Yuga (the age of truth and righteousness) or to destroy the Kali Yuga (the current age characterized by strife and moral decline).

To understand the intention behind the Rudra Gyana Yagjam, it is important to recognize that Paramathma is Vishwa Kalyanakari, which means a benefactor of the world. Paramathma's purpose is to bring about goodness and well-being for all.

In the drama of life, individual souls (Athmas) possess different kalas (spiritual levels) ranging from 12 to 16. When an Athma reaches a kalas level between 12 to 16, it becomes aware of its true nature as a soul and performs its duties in accordance with righteousness. However, when the kalas level drops below 12, the Athma forgets its true identity as a soul and mistakenly identifies itself with the physical body. In this state, the individual may engage in sinful actions.

This is a fundamental aspect of the divine design in the drama of life. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing our true nature and aligning our thoughts, words, and actions with goodness. When we cultivate positive thoughts, speak kind words, and engage in virtuous actions, we attract positive outcomes and experiences. Conversely, negative thoughts, harmful words, and unrighteous actions lead to negative consequences.

Another aspect of the divine design is that when a certain percentage of the human population attains a kalas level above 12 through the practice of Manmanabhava meditation (meditation on the divine), the Kali Yuga will be automatically destroyed. This signifies the transition from the current age of moral decline to the Sathya Yuga, characterized by truth, righteousness, and spiritual enlightenment.

Therefore, the Rudra Gyana Yagjam is specifically created with the intention of installing the Sathya Yuga on Earth. It serves as a means to elevate human consciousness, promote virtuous living, and bring about a transformative shift in the collective mindset of humanity.

In summary, the Rudra Gyana Yagjam initiated by Paramathma in Sangamayuga aims to bring Heaven on Earth. Paramathma, as a benefactor of the world, seeks to instill goodness and well-being for all. The drama of life involves individuals with varying spiritual levels (kalas), and the yagjam is designed to help humanity realize its true nature, perform righteous actions, and ultimately transcend the challenges of the Kali Yuga. Through collective spiritual growth and the practice of righteousness, the transition to the Sathya Yuga can be achieved.

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