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The Power of Raja Yoga Meditation: Developing Self-Control and Discipline to Overcome Desires

Raja Yoga is a form of yoga that focuses on the development of the mind and intellect. It emphasizes the importance of controlling the mind and overcoming desires in order to achieve spiritual growth and enlightenment. In Raja Yoga, there are certain practices and disciplines that are recommended, such as celibacy and following a satvik diet, in order to facilitate this process.

Celibacy is a practice that involves abstaining from sexual activity in order to conserve and redirect the energy of the body and mind towards spiritual pursuits. This practice can be difficult for many people, especially in a society that often encourages and glorifies sexual activity. However, in Raja Yoga, celibacy is seen as a powerful tool for developing self-control and discipline, and ultimately achieving spiritual goals.

Similarly, following a satvik diet, which is a diet that is pure, simple, and vegetarian, is believed to help purify the body and mind, and promote clarity and focus. It is recommended to avoid non-vegetarian food, as it is believed to be heavy and tamasic, meaning it promotes lethargy, negativity, and dullness in the mind.

However, despite the benefits of these practices, many people find it difficult to give up their cravings for non-vegetarian food or sexual activity. This is where the practice of Raja Yoga meditation comes in.

In Raja Yoga meditation, We do Manmana Bhava that is realising that we are a soul and remembering Paramathma with love. This helps visualisation and develop concentration and awareness. Through this practice, the mind becomes more focused and disciplined, and the intellect becomes sharper and more powerful.

For example when someone wants money he will be controlled by money. A person who is longing for love he will be controlled by the person who is offering it. This is why we say one should practice Raja Yoga meditation. As one's practice deepens, the mind becomes less influenced by external desires and distractions, and one develops the ability to control one's own thoughts and actions. This is known as nashta moha, or the state of being free from desires.

By cultivating this state of mind through regular meditation and other spiritual practices, one can develop a strong sense of self-control and discipline, and gradually overcome their cravings for non-vegetarian food or sexual activity. Ultimately, the goal of Raja Yoga is to achieve self-realization and enlightenment, and develop a sense of inner peace, clarity, and joy.


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