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The Importance of Humility and Selflessness in Public Service: Lessons for All of Us.

The importance of humility in public service is that one should not be carried away by the appreciation received from others and let it lead to ego. Instead, individuals in public service should adopt a mindset of gratitude towards those who appreciate their work, recognizing that it is a reflection of the person's good heart and goodwill towards others.

We should understand that the importance of service being a duty to mankind rather than a pursuit of personal recognition or awards. It encourages individuals to remain grounded in their efforts to serve others and to approach their work with a selfless attitude.

Vedic scriptures emphasizes the idea that individuals in public service should be inspired by the selflessness of the sadhus and sanyasis, who prioritized service to others over personal gain or recognition. This serves as a reminder that the true value of public service lies not in personal recognition, but in the impact it has on the lives of others.

Overall, the quote promotes a humble and selfless approach to public service, emphasizing the importance of remaining grounded and focused on the needs of others rather than personal recognition or gain.


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