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The Feasibility of Finding a Person in Their Next Birth

There is a group that promises to find and return your wealth to you in your next life if you deposit money with them is not practical or realistic. The idea of finding a person who has taken a different birth is not feasible as there is no way to track a soul's journey from one life to the next.

In Raja yoga meditation, We understand that we are all souls and that our actions and deeds are recorded in our Sanskar or the faculty of the soul, which includes mind, intellect, and resolves (sanskars). The good deeds we perform are stored as Punniya, while the bad deeds are stored as pavam. When we die, our soul takes a different birth in a new body, and the recording of our past deeds in our Sanskar determines our future life and experiences.

However, personal details such as our name, parents' names, siblings' names, spouse's name, and children's names are stored in the brain of that body. When we die, these details are lost because it is buried or burnt, and it is not possible to remember them in our next birth.

Therefore, finding a person who has taken a different birth is not possible, and promises of wealth return in the next life are not practical. Instead, religions emphasize the importance of performing good deeds and accumulating Punniya in our Sanskar through acts of charity and donation. These actions can help us lead a better life in our next birth.

In conclusion, the promise of finding a person in their next birth and returning their wealth is not practical or feasible. The concept of the soul and Sanskar in Raja yoga meditation emphasizes the importance of performing good deeds in this life to accumulate Punniya in our Sanskar for a better future.


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