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The Eternal Flame: Sanadhana Dharma's Resilience Through the Ages

Sanadhana Dharma, often referred to as Hinduism, stands as a timeless beacon of spiritual wisdom and cultural richness. Exploring its roots through the lens of Raja Yoga meditation, we uncover a profound perspective on its enduring existence within the grand cosmic drama known as Kalpa, spanning 5000 years.

In the grand scheme of this cosmic narrative, the first 2500 years encompassed the ages of Sathya and Thretha yugs, during which Sanadhana Dharma reigned supreme. It was a time when no organized religion existed, and the essence of this ancient wisdom prevailed. This period showcases the inherent strength and profound relevance of Sanadhana Dharma.

As the cosmic clock advanced into Dwabara yug and Kali yug, Sanadhana Dharma continued to thrive, evolving into what we know today as Hinduism. Its adaptability and inclusivity have allowed it to endure, absorbing diverse philosophies and practices while maintaining its core principles.

This narrative reminds us that Sanadhana Dharma's essence is not bound by time or labels. It persists as a guiding light for those seeking spiritual enlightenment and harmony with the universe.


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