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The Eight Powers of Ashta Shakti in Raja Yoga Meditation

The eight powers in Ashta Shakti are

Power to Pack Up: This power helps one to determine what is useful and necessary and to discard what is not. It involves the ability to let go of attachments, emotions, and habits that hold one back.

Power to Tolerate: This power involves the ability to endure suffering and challenges with grace and equanimity. It involves accepting reality as it is, rather than resisting it.

Power to Adjust: This power involves the ability to adapt to changing circumstances and to find new solutions to problems. It involves flexibility and creativity in problem-solving.

Power to Discriminate: This power involves the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, true and false, and to make wise decisions based on this discrimination.

Power to Judge: This power involves the ability to make fair and just evaluations of situations and people. It involves objectivity and impartiality.

Power to Face: This power involves the ability to confront problems and challenges head-on, without fear or hesitation. It involves courage and determination.

Power to Co-operate: This power involves the ability to work with others effectively, to compromise, and to build strong relationships. It involves teamwork and communication skills.

Power to Withdraw: This power involves the ability to retreat and to take time for oneself. It involves the ability to be self-sufficient, to recharge and to rest. By practicing these powers, one can develop a more balanced and fulfilling life, and be more successful in both personal and professional aspects. It's important to remember that these powers are not mutually exclusive, and often one may have to use more than one power at a time. With time and practice, you'll become more skilled at using the right power at the right time.


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