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The Divine Revelation of Shrimath Bhagavad Gita: Mother of All Shastras

Shrimath Bhagavad Gita, as per the principles of Raja Yoga meditation, is considered the "Mother of All Shastras," holding a pivotal role in the spiritual evolution of humanity. This ancient scripture is believed to have been revealed during Sangamayuga, a divine epoch when Paramathma imparted profound wisdom to guide mankind.

During the culmination of time, often referred to as the "judgment day," the prophets and spiritual leaders of all religions are said to gather before Paramathma. It is during this momentous event that they receive the divine revelations of Shrimath, which serve as the foundational teachings for the next Kalpa, or cosmic cycle.

The significance of Shrimath Bhagavad Gita lies in its universal wisdom, which transcends the boundaries of any particular faith. Its teachings encompass the fundamental principles of life, ethics, duty, and the path to spiritual realization. These teachings, received from Paramathma, serve as the guiding light for prophets and spiritual leaders of diverse traditions, allowing them to shape their teachings in alignment with the divine plan.

In essence, Shrimath Bhagavad Gita is hailed as the "Mother of All Shastras" because it provides the spiritual foundation upon which various religions build their doctrines and teachings. It is a source of unity in diversity, emphasizing the common thread of spiritual realization that binds all of humanity together.


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