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The Divine Drama: Understanding Life's Inequalities

Life unfolds in mysterious ways, and it's natural to ponder the fairness of circumstances, especially when it comes to individuals who may have faced mental illness from birth and never had the opportunity to explore spirituality like Raja Yoga meditation. Some may question whether this is unfair and whether it reflects on God's fairness.

In a world with a population of approximately 8 billion people, only around 330 million (about 4%) explore practices like Raja Yoga meditation. These numbers can lead to contemplation about the divine plan and the apparent disparities in the distribution of spiritual knowledge.

However, it's crucial to recognize that we, as humans, have limited insight into the grand design of the universe. The concept of Paramatma, or the supreme soul, encompasses a deep understanding of existence, transcending human comprehension. God, often described as Trikaladarshi, meaning the knower of past, present, and future, operates within a realm beyond our immediate understanding.

The divine drama of life, with all its complexities and inequalities, is orchestrated by a higher power. While it's natural to seek answers and question the fairness of certain circumstances, it's also essential to acknowledge the limitations of our perception. Our understanding is confined to a fragment of the bigger picture, and sometimes, comprehending the divine plan is a journey that extends beyond our human capabilities.



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