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Suya Rajya Adhikari: The Path of Self-Mastery in Raja Yoga

Raja Yoga is a spiritual practice that encompasses various aspects of self-discipline, meditation, and self-realization. In Raja Yoga, the concept of Suya Rajya Adhikari refers to the control of the soul (Atma) over its own faculties, namely the mind, intellect, and sanskar (impressions or tendencies).

The practice of Suya Rajya Adhikari begins with the mind, which is responsible for generating thoughts. It is believed that the mind should produce only positive, pure, and necessary thoughts. This is because our thoughts shape our words and actions, and ultimately influence our character and destiny. However, controlling the mind can be challenging, as it often wanders and gets distracted by various external stimuli.

To gain control over the mind, the intellect plays a crucial role. The intellect is the faculty of discernment, understanding, and decision-making. It determines what thoughts are valuable and worthy of attention. In Raja Yoga, it is believed that the intellect becomes powerful and clear when it is charged and connected to the higher divine consciousness, often referred to as Paramatma or the Supreme Soul. This connection is established through the practice of meditation, where one focuses their attention inward and attunes to the higher spiritual energy.

Through regular meditation and a strengthened intellect, the mind becomes receptive to the guidance and influence of the intellect. This allows the mind to align its thoughts with higher principles and values, leading to the creation of good thoughts, words, and actions. These positive actions are recorded in the sanskar, which represents the accumulated impressions and tendencies within the soul. Good deeds contribute to the accumulation of punya (merit) in the sanskar, fostering spiritual growth and evolution.

Furthermore, Suya Rajya Adhikari extends beyond the control of the mind and intellect. It also involves the soul's control over the sense organs, namely the eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and skin. The soul should exercise conscious control over what the senses perceive and how they respond. This means directing the eyes to see that which is pure and uplifting, listening to harmonious and meaningful sounds, speaking words of truth and kindness, and using the sense of touch, smell, and taste in a responsible and balanced manner.

Attaining Suya Rajya Adhikari is considered a gradual and transformative process that requires sustained practice and dedication. It involves regular meditation, self-awareness, and a deepening connection with the divine. As the soul gains mastery over its own faculties and senses, it experiences a state of inner peace, clarity, and self-mastery. This state of being allows individuals to lead a life guided by higher principles, virtues, and spiritual values.

It's important to note that the path to Suya Rajya Adhikari is a personal journey, and the time required to achieve it can vary for each individual. Regular and sincere practice, along with patience and perseverance, are essential elements in this process of self-transformation and self-realization.


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