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Recharging the Soul: Finding Inner Peace in a Negative World

Scene: A person is sitting in a quiet room, reflecting on their feelings and why they're feeling low despite having had a good day.

Person: (thinking out loud) I had a great meditation experience today, and even the day-to-day activities within my family were fantastic. But why do I still feel a bit low in my mindset?

The person then has a realization:

Person: (realizing) The reason must be that my soul has lost its energy. The energy that I gained during meditation has been lost somehow. Perhaps I didn't do my meditation perfectly or there are many leakages in my thought process.

Person: (continuing) And another reason could be that I am living in a time where the whole world is negative. There is always a negative vibration around us, and unless I am positive, I cannot withstand these vibrations.

Person: (resolutely) So it's mandatory for me to do meditation to keep myself positive. It's like charging my mobile phone to 200% during the day. Just as I use a power bank, I should also do meditation for one minute per hour. This will help me to stay positive and happier throughout the day.

The person nods their head in agreement with their own thoughts, then they begin meditating to re-charge their energy and stay positive.

The scene ends with the person meditating and feeling more relaxed, calm, and positive.


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