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Raja Yoga Meditation and the Promise of Heaven on Earth: Can Atheists Reach Sathya & Thretha Yug

The question of the day is whether atheists can come in Sathya Yuga or Thretha Yuga, according to Raja Yoga meditation. The belief is that those who have completed 63 previous births of bhakti, or devotion, will be able to take up the 7-day Raja Yoga course and practice manmana bhava. This involves recognizing that we are all souls, or athmas, and remembering our ultimate father, Paramathma. By doing this, we can wash away the sins that we have accumulated over our 63 previous births.

It is believed that people who regularly visit temples, churches, mosques, or gurdwaras may not be able to enter Sathya Yuga or Treta Yuga. However, atheists can still achieve this by taking up the Raja Yoga meditation course and practicing manmana bhava. The Sathya Yuga and Treta Yuga are believed to be heaven on earth, and those who enter it will have achieved a great spiritual accomplishment.

In the grand drama of life, some people may only have one birth while others may have 84 births. However, nobody is considered inferior or superior because of the number of births they have had. Ultimately, it is believed that the drama of life is just that - a drama - and everyone has an important role to play.


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