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Raja Yoga Meditation and Pursuing Professions in Police, Law, and Army: Balancing Karma

In the pursuit of a spiritual path through Raja Yoga meditation, many individuals wonder whether they can simultaneously engage in professions within the police, law enforcement, or military sectors.

In Raja Yoga meditation Paramathma emphasizes that conflicts between individuals are often rooted in karmic accounts, suggesting that resolving issues through personal efforts is vital. This perspective discourages unnecessary involvement with external authorities, as it could potentially extend karmic debts rather than resolving them.

However, Paramathma also acknowledges the practicalities of modern life. While adhering to the principles of Raja Yoga meditation, individuals can indeed work in professions such as police, law, or the army. It's essential to approach these roles with mindfulness and awareness of the potential to accumulate new karmic accounts. Striking a balance between responsibilities and spiritual practice becomes crucial, as individuals navigate their roles while striving to avoid generating further karmic debts.


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