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Parallel Dramas within the 5000-Year Drama: Understanding Sato, Rajo, and Thamo Acts in Raja Yoga

In Raja Yoga meditation, we are all part of a grand drama that spans 5000 years. This drama is seen as a cycle of time, often referred to as the "eternal drama" or the "drama of life." Within this larger drama, there can be an interpretation of parallel dramas occurring simultaneously.

Each individual is seen as an actor in this drama, playing various roles and experiencing different aspects of life. These roles can be categorized into three types of acts: Sato, Rajo, and Thamo.

Sato refers to the happy or elevated part of the drama. During this phase, individuals may experience joy, peace, love, and other positive emotions. It is a time of harmony and spiritual growth.

Rajo represents the medium or ordinary part of the drama. This phase is characterized by a mix of positive and negative experiences. People may face challenges, make choices, and go through the ups and downs of life.

Thamo signifies the sad or low part of the drama. In this phase, individuals may encounter difficulties, suffering, and negative emotions. It is a time of darkness, ignorance, and spiritual decline.

It is important to note that these acts are not necessarily linear, sequential, or exclusive to one lifetime. A person may experience different acts throughout multiple lifetimes or even within a single lifetime. One's current experience may be in the Sato part, while another person may be going through the Rajo or Thamo parts simultaneously.

From an outsider's perspective, observing different individuals at different stages of their personal journeys, it may seem as if there are parallel dramas within the larger drama. This interpretation is based on the idea that everyone is on their unique path and experiencing life from their own perspective.

Overall, the understanding of parallel dramas within the larger drama of life emphasizes the diversity of human experiences, the ever-changing nature of existence, and the potential for personal growth and spiritual evolution. Raja Yoga meditation offers a pathway to navigate these acts, transcend limitations, and discover one's true self beyond the roles played in the drama of life.


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