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Navigating Raja Yoga's Teachings: Balancing Personal Choices and Traditional Expectations

In Raja Yoga meditation Paramathma says not to increase your immediate relationship at the moment, it means if you are bachelor don't get married, if you are married don't go for kids. The basic reason is that Sangama Yug is between 1936 to 2036. We are in 2023 so hardly we have 13 years left. With in these years if someone get married he will have 13 years of marriage life , if even they have kids they will be only 10 years old.

As per Raja Yoga meditation we expect Judgement Day around 2036.

If some one practices Raja Yoga now and he is a bachelor he cannot convince their parents by asking them to see videos related to raja yoga meditation to stay from marriage.

Videos related to raja yoga meditation will help Raja Yogi's to learn and practice Raja Yoga meditation but it will not help their parents to take decision about marriage.

Delve into the intricate teachings of Raja Yoga meditation, where Paramathma advises against immediate relationships, including marriage and having children, especially in the context of the ongoing Sangama Yug, spanning from 1936 to 2036. As we find ourselves in 2023, there are approximately 13 years left until the expected Judgement Day, according to Raja Yoga beliefs.

This deep exploration raises thought-provoking questions about the intersection of spiritual beliefs and societal expectations. Individuals practicing Raja Yoga, particularly those who are bachelors, face a unique challenge. While they might understand the spiritual significance of refraining from marriage, convincing their parents to align with these beliefs poses a complex dilemma. Merely sharing videos related to Raja Yoga meditation, although instrumental for personal practice, might not suffice to guide parental decisions on marriage.

Join us as we navigate this intricate terrain, exploring the tension between personal spiritual choices and traditional family expectations. This discussion seeks to foster understanding and bridge the gap between generations, addressing the complexities of balancing spiritual beliefs within the context of familial norms.


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