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Lessons Learned from the Pain of Unjust Hurt

When someone hurts for no reasons, we feel the pain , later in their life they suffer, you had the chance to witness it. What lessons can we learn from this episode.

1. Nothing happens with out a reason, we may not have hurt in this birth, but we would have hurt him in his previous birth that is why we suffered in this birth.

2. You may not have hurt him in the previous birth, this incident happened only in this birth, that is why he is suffering later in his life.

3. This also proves that if we harm people by thought, word and action we may or may not be punished in the same birth, but you will definitely suffer in the next birth. You may or may not be punished by the law of the land.

4. If we do good by thought, word and action we will get good things in return.

It's worth noting that these explanations are rooted in different philosophical and religious perspectives, and their validity may vary depending on individual beliefs. People interpret and understand the reasons behind pain and suffering differently, and these explanations provide some possible insights into the lessons we can derive from such experiences. Ultimately, how one chooses to understand and respond to such situations is a deeply personal matter.


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