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Inspiring Family to Embrace Raja Yoga Meditation: Leading by Example

A husband and wife are quarreling with each other. The wife says i am disappointed with you, no one else would have married you. Husband replies that you are wrong i recieved alliances from different places. Wife interrupted and said yes you would have received alliances from different places because every one in your area would have known your character.

Well, when there is a conflict instead of defending, one should do the needful to do the needful for the peace of the family.

Encouraging family members to embark on the spiritual journey of Raja Yoga meditation can be a delicate task. Rather than pushing them, consider leading by example. As you experience positive transformations in your character and demeanor through meditation, your loved ones will naturally become curious and inspired to join you on this path of inner growth. Learn how to create an environment conducive to spiritual exploration within your family.


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