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How Past Lives Influence Our Present Abilities: Understanding Sanskar in Raja Yoga

Raja Yoga meditation is a spiritual practice that teaches us to focus our mind and cultivate inner peace. One of the concepts taught in Raja Yoga is that we carry both good and bad deeds in our Sanskar (subconscious impressions) to our next birth. This suggests that the actions we take in this life will influence our experiences in future lives.

However, it is important to note that Raja Yoga also emphasizes the importance of living in the present moment and taking responsibility for our actions in the here and now. While the idea of future lives can be fascinating, it is important not to become overly fixated on them or to use them as an excuse for neglecting our responsibilities in this life.

Regarding the question of education, it is not clear how our current knowledge or skills will be relevant in future ages such as Satya Yuga or Treta Yuga. However, it is likely that the pursuit of knowledge and education will continue to be important in all ages, as it is an essential aspect of human growth and development.

Moreover, it is believed that those who practice Raja Yoga and develop their spiritual awareness in this life will carry their knowledge and experiences with them into their next birth.For instance, children who exhibit exceptional skills in singing or dancing at a young age without any formal training may be tapping into impressions or skills that they have developed in past lives. While they may still need to hone their skills and develop them further in the current life, their innate talent may be a result of the impressions that they carry from previous births.

Ultimately, the teachings of Raja Yoga emphasize the importance of cultivating positive qualities and developing our spiritual awareness in this life, so that we can create positive impressions on our subconscious mind that will carry over into future lives. While the specifics of future lives may be unknown, the principles of mindfulness, self-awareness, and compassion that are central to Raja Yoga can guide us in living a fulfilling and meaningful life in the present moment.


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