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Finding Solutions to Life's Challenges through Prayer and Meditation

When people face tough times in their lives, they often turn to astrology and astrologers for solutions, paying a fee in the process. However, I can give a simple and free solution to address such problems. The solution involves lighting a lamp at home at a specific time for a period of 48 days, during one of the nine dasas that occur in a person's horoscope. This eliminates the need for visiting temples and performing elaborate poojas.

Parmathma Shiva is the head of all grahas that influence a person's horoscope. By consistently praying to Parmathma Shiva during the appropriate time every day, an individual can find solutions to their problems. I can guarantee you that you will start to notice changes in your life within the first 21 days of consistently performing this pooja. Furthermore, continuing this pooja for a lifetime would be a wise choice.

Overall, alternative to seeking astrological solutions to life's problems, I emphasize the importance of consistent prayer and devotion. This is a simple and cost-effective way to address life's challenges.


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