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Exploring the Teachings of Paramathma in Raja Yoga Meditation

In Raja Yoga meditation Paramathma says few things which creates doubt in our minds whether such thing is practically possible.

1. Paramathma say a person who does more charity in one birth will be born in a royal family in his next birth. Have you seen any one in this birth who is really rich and you feel might have done lot of service in his previous birth?

2. Paramathma says some one who runs a school and offers free education to the needy. In his next birth he will receive 100% sponsorship right from kindergarten to higher studies. Have you seen any examples like that.

3. Paramathma says a person who builds a Hospital and gives a free medical treatment for the needy. In his next birth he will live a long life with out the need to go to hospital ever. Have you seen such examples in real time.

I have seen them in reality. So what ever said in Raja Yoga meditation is true and valid.


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