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Exploring Karma: Understanding its Influence on Life's Path and the Concept of Life as a Drama

When the life on Earth is decided by Law of Karma why do we call it as Drama?. Let's figure it out.

Every one's fate is decided by 5 factors as per Raja Yoga meditation.

1. Due to Karmic accounts of previous births

2. Taught by our parents of this birth.

3. Taught by the society.

4. Learnt through our will power.

5. From the inbuilt divine qualities of God namely Knowledge, Purity, Peace, Love, Happiness, Bliss and Power.

As per Raja Yoga meditation we understand that 9 lakh people take 84 births and few hundred crore people take only one births, where as others take birth anywhere between 2 to 83 births.

If you watch carefully people who take only one birth, we cannot say they have traits of previous birth karma because this is their first and last birth in this Kalpa. Then how can we define life for them based on Law of Karma. So we call it Drama.

But when one is born every body is governed by the law of Karma which says if we do good, good things come in return and if we do bad , bad things come in return.


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