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Exploring Different Relationships with Paramathma - A Personal and Sacred Journey

The concept of having a relationship with Paramathma or the Supreme Being is prevalent in many religions and spiritual practices. In Raja Yoga meditation, it is believed that one can have a relationship with Paramathma in three primary forms - Father, Teacher, and Sathguru.

However, there are various other ways in which one can relate to Paramathma, such as Baba, Bolonath, Babulnath, Child, Companion, combined form, As the Director, Producer, Creator and Main actor in this drama called Kalpa, Dhobhi, Dharmaraj, Doer, Eshwar, Father, Friend, God, Gardener, Grand Pa, Lover, Mother, Pathithapavan (remover of sins), Sathguru, Sarva Shaktivan, Surgeon, Elder brother, Elder Sister, and Teacher.Each relationship signifies a different aspect of the divine, and the devotee can choose the one that resonates with them the most.

It is essential to note that while we can have different relationships with Paramathma, we should never consider Him in roles that lower His divine stature, such as a wife, younger brother, younger sister, or lover. Such relationships may trivialize the divine and reduce the reverence and respect we have for the Supreme Being.

The only relationship that we can consider where we are in a superior position to Paramathma is that of a child. When we adopt Paramathma as our child, He showers us with love and blessings, and we reap the rewards for many births to come.

In conclusion, having a relationship with Paramathma is a personal and sacred journey that can take many forms. However, it is essential to maintain the divine stature of the Supreme Being and avoid relationships that may trivialize or disrespect His greatness. Adopting Paramathma as our child is a beautiful way to connect with the divine and experience His infinite love and blessings.


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