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Eternal Cycles: Unraveling the Mysteries of Births, Eras, and Raja Yoga in Sangamayuga

In Sangamayuga Raja Yogi's learn Raja Yoga meditation and they lead their life as said by Paramathma. In Judgement Day we learn return to our home Shanti Dham, from their depending upon the efforts put in Sangamayuga people will take birth in Sathya yug or Thretha yug. The question is will forget all we learnt in Sangamayuga or it is erased from our Athma.

The Answer to this question is that the maximum number of births a person can take is 84. 8 in Sathya yug, 12 in Thretha yug, 21 in Dwabara yug, 42 in Kali yug and 1 in Sangamayuga.

We can act one birth acting in one body, it means 84 bodies for 84 birth acting. So that is why do not remember our acting in previous birth or we will not know about our acting in next birth.



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