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Eternal Cycles and Celestial Changes: A Raja Yoga View of Kalpa

Step into the realm of Raja Yoga meditation, where time, space, and existence interweave in a cosmic dance that spans eons. According to this ancient philosophy, our world is but a stage in a grand 5000-year drama, perpetually repeating through the annals of time. A cycle where monumental events like man's lunar landings and spacefaring endeavors unfold and then fade into obscurity, only to be resurrected in the canvas of destiny once more.

Contemplate the enigma of the moon's surface, where Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin left their indelible footprints during the Apollo 11 mission. Scientists affirm that the absence of air on the moon preserves these marks for ages. Yet, the question lingers: what becomes of the footprints from past cycles? What about the satellites, like those stationed on the moon's South pole?

In the eyes of Raja Yoga, the answer emerges from the embrace of cosmic dynamics. The universe teems with asteroids, celestial nomads hurtling through space with great velocity. Some succumb to the gravitational embrace of Mars and Jupiter, while others escape and collide with the moon, erasing the footprints and artifacts of bygone cycles. This intricate interplay of cosmic forces echoes the cyclic nature of existence, where creation and dissolution weave an eternal tapestry.

Witness the dance of the cosmos through the lens of Raja Yoga, where philosophical insights merge with scientific musings. Explore the perpetual rhythm of Kalpa, where history unfolds and repeats, each iteration etching its own unique tale on the canvas of time.


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