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Empowering Souls with Shakthi: The Global Mission of a Raja Yogi

In the world of Raja Yoga, the role of a Raja Yogi extends far beyond personal transformation. It transcends the boundaries of individual spirituality to encompass a profound responsibility – to provide Shakthi, or spiritual energy, to the entire world, including those who have departed from their physical existence.

Every day, nearly one million people take their leave from this earthly realm, embarking on a journey into the unknown. According to the beliefs of Raja Yoga meditation, these souls will eventually be reborn, but the circumstances and timing of their rebirth remain uncertain. In this transitional phase, they may be disoriented and without a sense of peace or understanding about their destination.

The duty of a Raja Yogi, therefore, is not only to spread peace, love, and Shanti to the living but also to extend Shakthi to those who have left their physical bodies. It is a compassionate and holistic approach to spiritual practice, aiming to uplift all souls, regardless of their earthly or ethereal state.

By meditating and sending out waves of positive energy, Raja Yogis aspire to create an environment of profound spiritual rejuvenation. This energy reaches out to touch the departed souls, offering them solace, guidance, and the power needed to traverse the spiritual realms. It is a profound act of service and an embodiment of the interconnectedness of all beings.


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