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Dreams and Meditation: Scientific Explanation vs Philosophical Beliefs

The concept of the soul traveling during dreams or meditation is a philosophical and religious belief and is not supported by scientific evidence. In scientific terms, dreams are a result of brain activity during sleep and do not involve the soul leaving the body. Similarly, meditation is a mental practice that involves focusing one's mind to achieve a heightened level of awareness and relaxation, but there is no evidence that the soul travels anywhere during meditation.

It is just a feeling that we are actually travelling outside our body instead it is only through a thoughts we travel even during meditation we assume to go to meet God it is just an assumption and it is not true even in day dreaming you just dream that we go from actually we stay in the same place. The soul leaves the body only during death. The soul enters in to the mothers womb and is inside the human body until it dies. so in between soul leaving the body is out of question.


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