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Balancing Individual Raja Yoga Practice with Community Involvement and Conflict Resolution

Let's see the importance of being involved in Raja Yoga organizations and activities while practicing Raja Yoga meditation. Some individuals may choose to practice Raja Yoga meditation on their own without participating in organized events or going to Raja Yoga centers. They believe that by constantly remembering Paramathma and using every available moment to meditate, they can wash away their sins and make the most of their limited time on earth.

While it is important to prioritize meditation and spiritual practice in one's life, it is also valuable to be involved in a community and participate in organized events. By sharing knowledge and experiences with others who are also on the path of Raja Yoga, individuals can deepen their understanding and enhance their practice. Additionally, being social and helpful can provide a sense of support and connection, which can be beneficial for mental and emotional well-being.

Paramathma emphasizes the importance of settling differences and conflicts in the present moment. Practicing Raja Yoga can help individuals develop a sense of inner peace and detachment from the ego, allowing them to approach conflicts with a calmer and more compassionate mindset.

In summary, while individual Raja Yoga practice is important, being involved in a community and participating in organized events can enhance one's practice and provide social support. Additionally, using Raja Yoga principles to approach conflicts and differences can lead to greater peace and harmony in one's life.


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