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Awakening the World: Revealing Calamities and the Call for Raja Yoga Meditation

In this age of global inter connectedness, it is our sacred duty to remain informed and aware of the pressing issues affecting our world. As Raja Yogis, we recognize that knowledge empowers us to take necessary actions, and so we take on the responsibility to share crucial information with our fellow practitioners who do not consume mainstream media. Through thoughtfully curated videos, we aim to enlighten and motivate not only Raja Yogis but also those who have strayed from the path of meditation, guiding them back to a path of inner peace and harmony.

Our videos serve a threefold purpose:

1. **Informing Raja Yogis:** Many dedicated Raja Yogis have chosen to disengage from the noise of traditional news sources to focus on spiritual growth. As advocates of mindfulness, we become the bridge that connects them to the world's happenings. By presenting a concise and balanced overview of global calamities, we help our community understand the challenges faced by humanity.

2. **Inspiring Returning Practitioners:** For those who have temporarily stepped away from Raja Yoga meditation, our videos become a beacon of light and a reminder of the transformative power that lies within. As they witness the unfolding events of the world and the collective need for healing, they are encouraged to return to the path of Raja Yoga and contribute to a more positive future.

3. **A Duty to Warn and Awaken:** Just as a responsible doctor would inform a patient about their health condition based on thorough examination, it is our primary duty as mindful individuals to raise awareness about global events. We understand that raising awareness is the first step towards mobilizing collective action. By shedding light on impending dangers and challenges, we aim to ignite a sense of responsibility among our brothers and sisters, urging them to come together and create positive change.


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