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The Power of Forgiveness: Why Revenge is Not the Answer

Some people might have hurt us. If we plan to hurt them back what is the difference between them and us. Instead we should practice to make ourselves strong and create a powerful scenario where we forgive them. If we focus on revenge we will have time only to do that. our quality time and peace will be lost. When we practice ourselves to move away from this people we will concentrate on positive things in our life, and have a peaceful life ahead. so never ever plan for a revenge as per Raja Yoga meditation we understand that everything happens for a purpose. if we do not hurt anybody by thought word and action we will have a harmonious life. in case if we hurt someone by thoughts word and action the nature's law sees to that we are punished in due course. So let us channelise our thoughts in positive direction.

The statement emphasizes the negative consequences of seeking revenge on people who have hurt us. Instead, we should focus on making ourselves strong and creating a positive scenario where we can forgive them.

Seeking revenge will only waste our time and peace of mind, and that we should channel our energy towards positive things in our lives. By doing so, we can concentrate on living a peaceful and harmonious life.

The statement also suggests that everything happens for a purpose, according to the principles of Raja Yoga meditation. Therefore, we should avoid hurting others through our thoughts, words, and actions to maintain harmony in our lives.

We should practice forgiveness, move away from negative people, and concentrate on positive things. This will allow us to channel our thoughts in a positive direction and lead a more fulfilling life.

In summary, the statement urges us to avoid seeking revenge and focus on making ourselves stronger and more positive. By doing so, we can live a peaceful and harmonious life and avoid the negative consequences of hurting others.


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