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The "Pay Yourself First" Technique for Attracting Wealth and Abundance

The "Pay Yourself First" technique is based on the belief that the universe responds to our thoughts and actions, and that by prioritizing our own needs and showing self-love, we can attract more prosperity and abundance into our lives. By setting aside a portion of our income as a self love fund, we are sending a message to the universe that we value ourselves and believe that we deserve abundance. This act of self-love and self-care can then attract positive energy and create a cycle of abundance in our lives.

According to Sheldon, the self love fund should be about 10% of your income and should not be used for anything, not even for savings. This fund represents a commitment to yourself and should be treated as a non-negotiable expense. By consistently putting aside this money, you are demonstrating your belief in yourself and your ability to attract wealth and abundance.

Sheldon claims that this technique has been effective for her clients over the years, with many of them accumulating significant amounts of money in their self love fund. By prioritizing their own needs and valuing themselves, they have created a positive energy that has attracted more abundance into their lives. It's important to note that this technique may not work for everyone and results may vary, but it's worth considering as a way to cultivate self-love and attract more prosperity.


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