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The Importance of Effort and Perception

Once a tortoise was about to be killed by a lion, the tortoise requested the lion 10 minutes of time as it's last wish. the Lion also granted and wanted to see what it is doing, the tortoise started digging the sand. And started rolling in the sand, seeing this the lion started laughing and asked the tortoise are you mad. the tortoise replied anyway you are going to kill me, but my relatives will come searching for me, when they find my remains they will understand I was killed but seeing this mud they will conclude I gave a fight before I died.

The story of the tortoise and the lion teaches us an important lesson about perseverance and determination. When faced with a seemingly hopeless situation, the tortoise does not give up. Instead, he uses his last moments to create a story that will inspire others and show that he fought until the end.

The tortoise's actions show that he understood the importance of effort, even when the odds are against us. He could have simply accepted his fate and allowed the lion to kill him without a fight. However, he chose to take advantage of the time he had left and use it to create a story that would inspire others.

Furthermore, the tortoise's story highlights the power of perception. By rolling in the sand and creating the appearance of a struggle, he was able to create a story that would be perceived in a positive light. This highlights the importance of the stories we tell ourselves and others. The way we perceive a situation can have a significant impact on how we react to it.

In our own lives, we may encounter situations where we feel like giving up. We may feel like the odds are against us, and that success is impossible. However, the story of the tortoise and the lion reminds us that we should never give up without a fight. We should always give our best effort, even when the outcome seems bleak. And we should remember that the stories we tell ourselves and others can have a powerful impact on our lives.


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