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Thathuvamasi: A Conceptual Name for Transformation Ignites Debate

Amidst the tapestry of tradition and modernity, an Ayyappa devotee seeks to bestow a profound name upon his newborn baby boy: Thathuvamasi. Rooted in ancient philosophy, Thathuvamasi encapsulates a profound concept of transformation across yugas. It signifies the journey of beings born as Devathas, radiating divine qualities in Sathya Yuga, transitioning to a state of Suthra—devoid of qualities—in Kali Yuga. The intriguing philosophy further unfolds as devotees practice Shrimath, embodying Godly teachings and once again ascending from Suthra to Devatha in the Sangama Yuga—a century-long interval within Kali Yuga.

However, this distinctive naming choice encounters resistance from the family, underscoring the fine balance between honoring tradition and embracing novel ideas. While the devotee's intent is to embed profound meaning into his son's identity, the family's reservations reflect the hesitation to adopt a conceptual name. The clash of perspectives illuminates the evolving dynamics of naming practices in a modern world.


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