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Sangamayuga Raja Yoga Meditation: Manifesting Divine Goals and Aspirations for Future Raja Yogis

Welcome to the Sangamayuga Raja Yoga Meditation, a profound spiritual journey that spans a century from 1936 to 2036. In this transformative time period, dedicated Raja Yogis strive to achieve spiritual heights by embodying the divine energies of Lakshmi Narayana and attaining the coveted status among the 8 Mani Mala, 108 Mani Mala, 1008 Mani Mala, and 16108 Mani Mala.

As we find ourselves in 2023, with only 13 years left before this unique era concludes, some may wonder if all these spiritual attainments have already been fulfilled. It is true that the posts of Lakshmi Narayana and the 8 Mani Mala have been secured by devoted Raja Yogis who poured their hearts and efforts into their pursuits.

However, do not lose hope, for the journey is not yet over. While these two positions have been claimed, the gates to the other Mani Mala posts remain wide open, inviting aspiring Raja Yogis to step forward and unleash their inner potential. The 108 Mani Mala, 1008 Mani Mala, and 16108 Mani Mala are still waiting to be embraced by those who strive to elevate their spiritual consciousness and connect with the divine.

In this sacred space of Sangamayuga Raja Yoga Meditation, the convergence of time, dedication, and intention creates a powerful atmosphere for spiritual growth and manifestation. Embrace your practice with sincerity, immerse yourself in meditation, and open your heart to the cosmic energies that guide us all. The path may be challenging, but the rewards are beyond measure.

Join us on this divine journey, where the ancient wisdom of Raja Yoga meets the modern era of Sangamayuga. Together, let us manifest our spiritual goals and pave the way for a profound spiritual legacy that will transcend time.


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