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Pizza Predicament: Unveiling the deception of Free Offers

A math teacher went for a visit!! Went to eat pizza at a restaurant in the evening!! They looked at the menu and ordered a 9 inch pizza!! After some time, the waiter appeared in front of teacher with two round pizza of 5 - 5 inch and said sir! 9 inch pizza is not available, so you are being given two 5 - 5 inch pizzas to get 1 inch pizza Extra free! The math teacher with great love asked the waiter to call the owner of the restaurant !!

When the owner of the restaurant came, the teacher asked him lovingly how much have you studied? The owner said Sir ! I am a post graduate. Teacher asked again how far did you read Maths? The owner said - Sir ! Till the Graduation !!

Then Guruji said can you tell me what is the formula to extract a circle area in Maths?

The owner said - Sir " πr2"

Guruji said - OK

Next they said - Now where π = 3.142857 and r is radius of the Circle.

I ordered you a 9-inch Diameter pizza with an area of 63.64 Square inch according to the formula! Am I right ?

The owner said - Yes! They are very true !

Now Guruji further said that you have given me two 5-5 inch pizza by saying that you are being given 1 inch pizza free, now you take out an area of 5 inch pizza !!

Area extracted - which came out "19.64 Square Inch"

Means 2 pizza area 39.28 square inches!!

Now Guruji said that even if you give me a third 5 inch pizza, I will still be in loss!! And you're saying I'm being given free 1 inch pizza!!

The owner of the restaurant is speechless !! Poor guy made no answer !! At last he gave Guruji 4 5-5 inch pizzas and saved his life !!

The moral of the story is that life will throw lucrative offers to us, which seems to be profitable for us but only when you go deep in to calculation you will know that you are been betrayed.


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