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Learning English: The Importance of Knowledge and Humility

The situation revolves around a person with limited English proficiency who decides to take English tuition for first-grade and second-standard (presumably second-grade) kids. This person's intention is to learn and teach English despite their own limited knowledge of the language.

During the English tuition class, the students inquire about how to address different individuals based on their gender. The teacher, with their limited English skills, provides simple explanations. When asked about addressing a male, the teacher responds with "He." When asked about addressing a female, the teacher replies with "She."

However, when the students inquire about addressing a group of males, the teacher struggles to convey the appropriate way to address them. The teacher repeats "He... He... He..." as a way to convey that the word "He" should be used repeatedly for each male in the group.

The concluding part of the passage reflects on the potential consequences of attempting to manage a situation without fully understanding it. In this case, the teacher's limited knowledge of English becomes evident, and the students find the situation amusing. The phrase "He... He... He..." is used humorously to illustrate how others may react, laugh, or mock when someone tries to handle a situation beyond their capabilities.

The passage suggests that it is important to thoroughly learn and understand a subject before attempting to teach or preach it. It implies that if one lacks proper knowledge or understanding, they may face embarrassment or ridicule when trying to convey information or teach others.

In summary, the passage highlights the importance of acquiring comprehensive knowledge before taking on a teaching role and emphasizes the potential consequences of trying to handle a situation without adequate understanding.


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