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How will the Russia, Ukraine war come to an end? - My Thoughts

America has placed there army in about 30+ destinations across the world. As of date Russia does not have its army presence outside Russia. Russia is planning to deploy it's tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

Russia, Ukraine war started on 24th February 2022. This war is going on for more than 1 year now. America and NATO have not supplied any fightee Jets or powerful tanks to Ukraine. so that the war will not exclate into a World war 3. But Poland is pressurizing the NATO to give fighter jets and powerful tanks to Ukraine. They were ready to give even if US or NATO is not willing to give it to Ukraine. This has forced America and NATO to supply fighter jets to Ukraine. Today Germany has given leopard tanks, UK has given Challenger tanks, and America has given Abrahm tanks.

My prediction about how this war will come to an end is similar to World war 2, where America bombarded Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan.

Belarus will bomb one of the cities in Poland with a nuclear weapon. This will stop the war because anyone who attacks Russia or its allies with the nuclear weapon Russia will retaliate with a nuclear weapon which will be a destruction beyond imagination.

Then America and NATO would tell Ukrane to stop the war and will say that they will not be able to support them any further. Russia will stop the war with the annexed lands.

This is how I believe Russia Ukraine war will come to an end now.

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