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Honoring the Legacy of Bosco Mascarenhas: A Friend Remembered for his Selfless Deeds

Bosco Mascarenhas a good friend of mine over 20+ years is no more today.

He was co admin of our YouTube Channel

He is the admin of our two whatsapp group, which helps people learn Raja Yoga meditation classes.

He edited , compiled and published our E-book in Amazon

He setup Cisco WebEx chat rooms and later zoom chat rooms to conduct our online classes on Raja yoga meditation. We use it till date since the pandemic.

He is the admin of our website

He has shared more spiritual contents to share in our YouTube Channel.

All his services were free.

He was part of Toast master clubs in Dubai, were he mentored many souls.

Nice friend, wonderful human being, has been admin of various charitable websites for free. He has done charitable services where ever possible.

Spoke to him for over 1 hour atleast few century times in the past 20+ years.

Wonder why he was in a hurry to leave us.

He was a proud and loving father for his 2 lovely daughters


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