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Exploring the Emotional Underpinnings of India's Population Growth: The Impact of Family Expectation

India stands first in world population, one of the main reason for it is that the parents tell their children my last wish is to see you married and have a baby at the earliest only after that I will die peacefully.

Likewise grand parents tell their children they same story. This emotional blackmail is one of the key factor for India's huge population. Undoubtedly the parents and grandparents emotional blackmail has been one of the main reason for the population rise in India.

Description: In this insightful article, we delve into the complex interplay between emotional expectations and India's booming population. Discover how the cultural tradition of parents and grandparents urging their children to marry and have children to find peace and fulfillment has influenced demographic trends. Uncover the nuances of emotional blackmail as a key factor driving population rise in India, and explore the broader societal implications. Join us as we navigate the intersection of tradition, family dynamics, and population dynamics.


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