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Breaking the Chains of Dependence: A Conversation Between a Mother-in-Law and Daughter-in-Law

Scene: A living room in a house where a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law are having a conversation.

Mother-in-law: (worried tone) My dear daughter-in-law, my son is so innocent that he takes advice from me for each and every small thing.

Daughter-in-law: (smiling confidently) Please don't worry, I will train him in such a way that he will never come to you asking for any suggestions here after.

Mother-in-law: (surprised) What do you mean by that?

Daughter-in-law: (firm tone) A man may not be his wife's puppet or his mother's puppet. If he loves both of them, it is more than enough. He does not need to be a slave to either of them.

Mother-in-law: (nodding in agreement) Yes, you are right. I understand what you are saying.

Daughter-in-law: (smiling) I just want to make sure that my husband is independent and confident in his decisions. I want to support him, not control him. And I know that you want the same for him as well.

Mother-in-law: (proud tone) You are a wise and understanding woman, my dear daughter-in-law. I am happy that my son has married someone like you.

Daughter-in-law: (smiling) Thank you. I just want to make sure that our family is strong and united. And I know that with your support, we can achieve that.

The scene ends with both women smiling at each other, united in their goal of creating a strong and harmonious family.


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