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Avoid Procrastination with One Simple Step - Just Do Something

How do we avoid procrastination we generally do a task or we do not do at all. We can follow one simple step, instead of not doing anything let us do something.

For example if we need to read a book which has 10 chapters we might personally think we should read one chapter per day and complete the book in 10 days. In reality it may not happen at all. Instead of planning to read one chapter per day decide that you will read at least one page per day. when you do that one day you might feel to complete a chapter in a day for sure you will complete the book completely in near future.

Likewise when we do exercise we might think we should do 50 push ups per day and this may not happen at all. so instead of planning to do 50 push ups per day. just start with two push ups per day. slowly you will increase the count by yourself.

So to avoid procrastination one should do something if not anything.


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