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A Prayer for Love and Laughter: A Husband's Playful Wish

In a heartwarming and light-hearted exchange, a husband and wife share a candid conversation that exemplifies the essence of well-wishing and empathy. Their interaction not only showcases their deep bond but also reflects the importance of positive thoughts and actions in shaping our lives.


Husband: (with a mischievous grin) "Hey, guess what? I've added a new prayer to my routine."

Wife: (intrigued yet slightly anxious) "Oh, really? What is it?"

Husband: (playfully) "I'm praying that all bachelor boys find wives just as amazing as you."

Wife: (beaming with joy) "Oh, that's wonderful! You're so sweet."

Husband: (teasingly) "Of course! Why should I suffer alone, right?"

Well we can pray good wishes to the whole world , but never pray harm for the whole world. By thought word and action we should not hurt others, because our life is designed based on the quality of thoughts we produce.


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