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Understanding that people's priorities can change over time to maintain healthier relationships

Relationships with people can change over time due to shifts in priorities. It is natural for people's priorities to change as they go through different stages in their lives. For example, a friend or family member who was once very close to us may become distant as they prioritize other aspects of their life, such as career or family. This does not necessarily mean that they love us any less, but simply that they have different priorities.

It is important to understand and accept this fact in order to maintain our own mental well-being. If we hold onto the belief that someone's distance means they no longer care about us, we may feel hurt, disappointed, or betrayed. However, recognizing that changing priorities is a natural part of life can help us to let go of these negative emotions and maintain a more positive outlook.

One example of shifting priorities is the relationship between parents and their adult children. While children may have once revolved their world around their parents, as they grow older and start families of their own, their priorities often shift to focus on their own children and partners. This does not mean that they love their parents any less, but rather that their attention and energy is directed elsewhere.

In summary, understanding that people's priorities can change over time can help us to maintain healthier relationships and avoid negative emotions. By recognizing and accepting these changes, we can continue to love and care for those close to us, even if our relationships look different than they did in the past.


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